Adam Nyerere Bahner is an American singer, musician, voice artist, actor, and comedian. Better known by his pseudonym Tay Zonday, he is one of YouTube’s original stars from the platform’s early days and arguably the first social media influencer whose fame transcended mainstream culture. A Minnesota native, Bahner was an unhappy graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. when his interest in music piqued enough that he attended open-mic contests at mom-and-pop stores. After creating the online character Tay Zonday, he created his YouTube channel in January 2007. Initially, the response he received was not promising, but it changed after he posted the song “Chocolate Rain,” sung in low voice.

Tay Zonday Net Worth

Went viral, gaining international popularity from Zonday. In the years that followed, he established himself as a voice artist with participation in projects such as “Robot Chicken” and a multimedia presentation created to celebrate 50 years of NASA history. He has appeared as one of the co-stars on the sitcom “The Jack and Triumph Show” and in movies like “Internet Famous” and “Laid in America.” Furthermore, Zonday continues to work as a musician and singer and has released several songs since ‘Chocolate Rain’.

Tay Zonday Net Worth

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Tay Zonday Net Worth:
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Bahner came up with the pseudonym Tay Zonday. To make sure the name was unique, he put it in quotes and googled it, with no results. Immediately, he began opening name accounts on virtually every social media platform. This “deliberate branding” was apparently necessary because he thought his future academic life might involve publishing articles and that it would be wise to have a separate online identity.

He created his YouTube account in January 2007 and uploaded the first video in the following month. The initial videos of her had original music-related content, but failed to gain any momentum. Finally, she uploaded ‘Chocolate Rain’ on April 22, 2007. It was the third upload after ‘Canon In Z “Original Classical Arrangement by Tay Zonday’ and Song Love” Original Song by KOOBY feat. Tay Zonday”. Known for Zonday’s dark tone and quirks while singing, especially pulling away to breathe, “Chocolate Rain” gained initial popularity likely on 4chan, where it was circulating as a joke. It soon found its way into mainstream culture and the ordinary people began to listen to her.

Zonday later revealed that the song is a metaphor for racism against African-Americans. As of 2018, it has amassed over 118 million views. It was named the most popular viral video of the summer of 2007 by CTV and won the 2008 YouTube Award in the “Music” category. As of 2018, he has over a million subscribers to his channel.

The success and popularity of “Chocolate Rain” have led to other opportunities. She has been featured on “Jimmy Kimmel,” “Good Morning America,” “America’s Got Talent,” “CNN,” The BBC, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, Rachel Ray, and the BET Awards. She worked on a commercial for Comedy Central’s “Last Laugh 07.” In a promotion for Dr. Pepper, Zonday released a video called “Cherry Chocolate Rain.” She appeared alongside Leslie Hall in a commercial for the Firefox web browser, singing a parody of “We Are the World”, called “Users Against Boredom”. She appeared, along with many other YouTube celebrities, in the music video for rock band Weezer’s single “Pork and Beans”.

Tay Zonday

Zonday has released several singles since “Chocolate Rain”; These include “Mama Economy” (2013), “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” (2013) and “Explode” in 2017. As a voice artist, she joined the cast of a multimedia presentation created to celebrate 50 years of history. from NASA. She also appeared as a character in Adult Swim’s Sw Robot Chicken’, spoofing ‘Chocolate Rain’. In 2017, he was cast as the voice of the Choir of the Primes in “Transformers: Titans Return.”

Bahner was born on July 6, 1982 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His parents are schoolteachers and he has two older brothers. He is of half African-American descent. As of early 2007, he was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was associated with the University of Minnesota as a graduate student, pursuing a Ph.D. in American studies. According to Bahner, he was a poor student and disliked teaching and especially disliked research. At that time, he focused on studying the history of performance and social change. 

Sometime in 2006, he began competing in open mic challenges held at local mom and pop stores. She would often perform in front of a crowd of five, two of whom would be engrossed in her newspapers. The rest would politely clap and offer a few words of encouragement. However, according to Zonday, they just weren’t confronting in a very typical Minnesotan way. He finally got frustrated dragging his keyboard and amp out in the middle of winter and setting up his YouTube account.

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Nick Name: Chocolate Rain Guy

Birthday July 6, 1982

American nationality

Celebrities: Rhythm & Blues Singers American Men

Sun sign: Cancer

Also Known As: Adam Nyerere Bahner

Born in: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Famous as Singer, Musician, YouTube Star