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Kate Alexa

Kate Alexa Gudinski (born March 2, 1988 ) is an Australian pop singer and the daughter of music promoter Michael Gudinski. His first hit came in 2004 when his song Always There was featured on the Channel 7 series Home & Away. His second song fell short, but his third single All I Hear entered the top ten on the UK singles chart. Australia , and remained in the 28 weeks.

Kate Alexa Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio

Real Name Kate Alexa
Birth Date March 2, 1988 (age 34)
Birth Place Melbourne,Australia
Profession Pop Singer
Kate Alexa Height 5’9” feet 69inch (175 cm)
Kate Alexa Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)
Birth Sign Pisces

Kate Alexa Bio

Notable for her debut album Broken & Beautiful, she is particularly famous for her hit singles “Always There,” “All I Hear,” and “Somebody Out There.”

Kate Alexa nacio en Melbourne,Australia el dia de March 2, 1988 (age 34), su signo es Pisces y por distintas fuentes de internet sabemos que es una estrella de Pop Singer .

She rose to fame in her teens after her original song “Always There” aired in a promo spot for the Australian television series Home and Away.

Her songs make up the entire soundtrack for season two of the television series H2O: Just Add Water.

Life and musical career 

2001–2004: Early career 

Alexa’s music career began when she was 13 years old and wrote her first song, then the following year she started making demos. Colors Of The Rainbow was her first recorded song of hers. Alexa said It was a very funny song . She then went on to sign a record deal with Liberation Music in 2004.

2004-2006: Broken Beautiful

In 2004 when Alexa was in her 11th year of high school, her debut song Always There was featured on the Channel 7 series Home & Away . This was valuable promotion for Alexa as many spotlights wanted to know more about her song. This was very rewarding for her as that song meant a lot to her. In 2005, Alexa is finishing her 12th year in high school when she released her second song , Her My Day Will Come , a song that tells of seizing a moment. Also in 2005 she graduated knowing how important that was to her as she wanted to dedicate herself to music forever. On her 18th birthday in 2006 she released her third song De Ella Al I Hear., but she was diagnosed with mononucleosis and because of that, she was unable to promote her song much.

The song reached number nine on the ARIA Singles Chart and Alexa stated that Having a song in the top 10 is an amazing feeling, it means a lot to me. people like this song . On September 4 Alexa released her fourth song De Ella Somebody Out There which was in the top 30. And on September 23, 2006 she released her long-awaited debut album De Ella Broken & Beautiful., described it as an album in which he collects his reflections and some trips to his past, he affirmed that everything the album said was true. In addition, Kate created one of her best songs, called another now, which caused a stir among people and today is a very noteworthy single.

2011–Present: Recent career 

In 2007, Alexa wrote and recorded 12 more songs. And she released two songs from her album De Ella Broken & Beautiful for the television series H2O: Just Add Water , which was released in Australia on September 8, 2007. After 2007, Alexa teamed up with Australian producers Molly Meldrum and USA . Teardrops is the first song from her new album which was released in 2008. There are no details on her new album yet, but Alexa on her MySpace says that she has been working on it when she has been to Los Angeles , New York and London and describes as a ‘weird pop’. And also the main theme ofH2O: JUST ADD WATER is going to be published in more than 120 countries.

Their first album Broken & Beautiful was released in Japan on April 16, 2008, featuring two more songs, ‘Walk On’ and an acoustic version of ‘Always There’. In February and March 2008, Kate supported Cyndi Lauper on her national tour of Australia. On tour she stated that maybe on her new album there will be three new songs, ‘Nothing Compares’, ‘Cherry Pop’ and ‘Hit By Love’.

In January 2011, he released his new single, Infatuation, which debuted at number 14 on the UK Club. Alexa signed with manager Chris Herbert, who has worked with stars like the Spice Girls. Her second studio album De Ella Infatuation was released in August 2012.

Kate Alexa Family

Born Kate Alexa Gudinski, she grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, as the daughter of music industry executive Michael Gudinski.

Kate Alexa Net Worth

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Kate Alexa  Net Worth 2022 $1Million – $3.7 Million
Kate Alexa Salary $300K – $800K 
Kate Alexa Income Source Primary Income source Pop Singer (profession).

Kate Alexa is one of the most famous. Added to the list of celebrities born on March 2, 1988 (age 34) | The source of income comes first if you have the right Pop Singer

FAQs Kate Alexa

How did Kate Alexa get famous?

Kate Alexa is famous for the profession of Pop Singer.

How tall is Kate Alexa?

Kate Alexa is 177 cm, eventhough Google mention that he’s 170 cm.



In study
  • Broken & Beautiful (2006)
  • Infatuation (2012)
  • H2O: Just Add Water (Series 2) (2007)


Year Title Best positions Album
2004 “Always There” 16 Broken & Beautiful
2005 “My Day Will Come” 24
2006 “All I Hear” 9
“Somebody Out There” twenty-one
“Better than You”1
2008 “Teardrops” (featuring Baby Bash) 26 Singles without album
2011 “Infatuation” Infatuation
2012 “I’m Falling”
“I Deny”