Karen Houghton

Karen Houghton, la hermana menor de Kris Jenner que se operó para parecerse a ella

I’m sure you know all the names from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” You probably know more about Kris Jenner and his famous family than you’d like to admit. But there’s another famous “K” you may not have known existed: Kris’s younger sister, Karen Houghton. A former flight attendant turned part-time nurse, Houghton is known as “Crazy Auntie K” after her famous nieces from her reality show, but not much has been heard from her in a while.

Karen Houghton

She’s not the nicest, most discreet sister in the world, and in fact, there are plenty of reasons to agree with Kris for causing some rift between them, but did you know that she also had surgery that helped her become more like her sister? We have all the details. https://www.chicmagazine.com.mx/personajes/karen-houghton-hermana-kris-jenner-opero-parese

Karen Houghton Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio

Real Name Karen Houghton
Birth Date November 24, 1958 (age 63)
Birth Place United States
Profession Family Member
Karen Houghton Height 5’8” feet 68inch (172 cm)
Karen Houghton Weight 115 lbs (52 kg)
Birth Sign Sagittarius

Karen Houghton

Kris Jenner and Karen Houghton Kris Jenner was the first child of Robert True Houghton and Mari Joe Campbell. She was followed by her sisters, Karen and Sarah. Although not much is known about their lives, Karen has become more known, especially for having a very bad relationship with Kris. They say it all started after Kris and Bruce Jenner’s divorce.

Shortly after the news broke, there were rumors that the couple were planning a comeback, especially after they were spotted holding hands and on vacation. However, Karen gave an interview and denied the rumors, but not in a kind way towards her sister. “Bruce left Kris and I don’t think she’s coming back,” she revealed, saying that Bruce probably couldn’t take the yelling. She also mentioned that her sister should be embarrassed if Bruce decided to become a woman: “If your husband leaves you and you think he wants to be a woman, he would be very sorry.”

or what is worse, is that he also humiliated his sister in interviews. In one of them, she revealed that she had heard that Kris flirted with the boyfriends and husbands of her daughters. According to sources close to the family, every time Karen spoke to the press, it was a nightmare for Kris. She and even she tried to bribe her to stop talking about her family. https://www.chicmagazine.com.mx/personajes/karen-houghton-hermana-kris-jenner-opero-parese

Houghton, for his part, never stopped talking about his sister, especially about his family background. However, she caught the public’s attention when she decided to get a cosmetic procedure to look more like Kris. She may have never appeared on the Kardashian reality show, but she made it to television after her surgery. Karen had an auralift, the most expensive facelift in the world.

Ben Talei of the Beverly Hills Center and documented by Inside Edition, Houghton went under the knife for the 5-hour surgery with not-so-surprising results. After 3 weeks wrapped in thick bandages to reduce swelling, Houghton emerged with a different but familiar face. “I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought she would,” she told the cameras.

Although she stated that she “wanted to do it for me,” she also admitted that she wanted a new look to essentially keep up with the Kardashians: “They all want to look beautiful.” WE RECOMMEND YOU: The Skims Bridal collection designed by Kim Kardashian

Despite her criticism of Kris’s love life, Karen hasn’t had much luck with love. She was married to Mark Zettel from 1996 to 2002 and, at the end of their relationship, she was forced to go to San Diego Superior Court in 2009 to obtain a restraining order against him. At the time, she told the Daily Mail that she was taking psychiatric medications, bipolar drugs and methamphetamine and that her behavior was threatening and violent towards both Karen and her teenage daughter Natalie.

Two years after this case, she had to seek another restraining order against her boyfriend, Steve Thornton. She claimed that he was a crack addict, convicted felon and violating her probation. https://www.chicmagazine.com.mx/personajes/karen-houghton-hermana-kris-jenner-opero-parese

Karen Houghton Bio

A member of the extended Jenner-Kardashian family, she is most well known as the sister of entrepreneur and reality star Kris Jenner.

Karen Houghton was born in United States on November 24, 1958 (age 63), her zodiac sign is Sagittarius and we know from different internet sources that she is a Family Member star.

She attended San Diego State University.

An author, she released her first cookbook Naturally Gourmet Cookbook in 2010. She released Vol. 2 of the cookbook in 2013.

Karen Houghton Family

She was born to Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton. She has one daughter named Natalie Zettel.

Karen Houghton Net Worth

Let’s check Karen Houghton Net Worth, Profession, Salary, Lifestyles & Much more current information. We show you how rich it Karen Houghton is in 2022!

Karen Houghton  Net Worth 2022 $1Million – $3.7 Million
Karen Houghton Salary $100K – $742K 
Karen Houghton Income Source Primary Income source Family Member (profession).

Karen Houghton is one of the most famous. Added to the list of celebrities born on November 24, 1958 (age 63) | The source of income comes first if you have the right Family Member

FAQs Karen Houghton

How did Karen Houghton get famous?

Karen Houghton is famous for the profession of Family Member.

How tall is Karen Houghton?

Karen Houghton is 170 cm, eventhough Google mention that he’s 175 cm.