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Jelena Karleusa Net Worth

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Jelena Karleuša ( Serbian : Јелена Карлеуша), also known as JK , was born on August 17, 1978 in Belgrade , Yugoslavia , and is a Serbian pop singer . Since her foray into the music industry in 1995, Karleuša has released ten studio albums and is considered, along with Svetlana Ražnatović , the Serbian “Queen of turbo-folk”.

However, Karleuša’s musical career has been closely linked to controversy. She has been criticized for her support for gay rights, her provocative attitude, and her acrimonious relationship with her fellow professionals

Jelena Karleusa Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio

Real Name Jelena Karleusa
Birth Date August 17, 1978 (age 43)
Birth Place Serbia
Profession Pop Singer
Jelena Karleusa Height 5’9” feet 69inch (175 cm)
Jelena Karleusa Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)
Birth Sign Leo

Jelena Karleusa Bio

Jelena Karleuša was born on August 17, 1978 in Belgrade, the capital of, at the time, the Republic of Yugoslavia . Her father, Dragan Karleuša, is a Serbian police officer investigating organized crime 1 And her mother, Divna, is Slovenian .

In 2004, Karleuša won the “Personality of the Year” award, in a ceremony similar to the Oscars. 1 Ella In 2008 she married Serbian international footballer Duško Tošić , with whom she has two offspring Atina and Nika. In 2004 she was married to Bojan Karić, the son of a Serbian businessman, but they separated after a few months. Before Karić she was dating a mobster who died after a Kalashnikov shooting

Jelena Karleusa Family

She was married for two months to Bojan Kari?. She then wed Serbian football player Dusko Tosic in 2008. She named her daughters Athena and Nika after the Greek goddesses of war and victory, Athena and Nike.

Jelena Karleusa Net Worth

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Jelena Karleusa  Net Worth 2022 $1Million – $4 Million
Jelena Karleusa Salary $100K – $659K 
Jelena Karleusa Income Source Primary Income source Pop Singer (profession).

Jelena Karleusa is one of the most famous. Added to the list of celebrities born on August 17, 1978 (age 43) | The source of income comes first if you have the right Pop Singer

Musical career 

Karleuša began his musical career in the mid-1990s and gained some popularity with his debut album Ogledalce (1995), after selling 10,000 copies in Serbia and Montenegro . The Serbian singer has managed to place several of her singles at number one on the Balkan charts, most of them written by Marina Tucaković. Among his biggest hits are “Zovem se Jelena”, “Gili Gili”, “Ludača”, “Nije ona, nego ja”, “Još Te Volim”, “Manijak”, “Samo Za Tvoje Oči”, “Moj Dragi” , “Slatka Mala”, “Upravo Ostavljena”, “Nisi U Pravu”, “Casino”, “Tihi Ubica”, “Testament”, “Jedna Noć I Kajanje”, “Baš Je Dobro Biti Ja”, “in two weeks. 

Considered a star in the Balkans , 3 and Ceca Ražnatović ‘s main rival , 4 Karleuša set out to conquer other music markets in Turkey or Greece and also plans to release an album in English. 5 On May 15, 2010, after her spectacular concert at the Belgrade Arena All about Diva in front of 10,000 spectators,  Karleuša made the beginning of her international career official. On August 5, 2010 it was confirmed that Jelena Karleuša and Ceca Ražnatović would be taking part in a Pink TV performance and a Pink Rekords album for the first time, which meant exclusively reuniting the two stars and country rivals.


Since Karleuša began his musical career in 1995, this and his personal life has been constantly linked to controversy. She has been criticized for her support for gay rights and branded as an exhibitionist , to which Karleuša assures that “I do everything consciously and deliberately. To be a public figure I must be a bit of an exhibitionist. Attracting attention is my job, which It’s a good, interesting and spectacular way to market my music and bring it to the masses.” 

Karleuša is also known for her provocative attitude and her inconsiderate statements, which has earned her the nickname “the girl of scandals” 7 among Serbian society: “In addition to my beauty, intellect and my undoubted success; yes, I don’t mince words. If this makes you uncomfortable after everything that has happened and is happening in this country, then I think the public figure of Jelena Karleuša should shock the so-called purists.” 

Her rivalry with Svetlana Ražnatović for the title of Serbian “Queen of turbo-folk” crosses musical borders, since her father, Dragan Karleuša, was responsible for the anti-corruption investigation that found a large arsenal in Ražnatović’s mansion and ended , subsequently, with the Serbian star in jail. 

Jelena has also had a lot of controversy when several of her songs were accused of plagiarism to k-pop songs, her best known are the plagiarism of SHINee’s song “lucifer” and the plagiarism of KARA’s song “Lupin” with her song “Insomnia”.

FAQs Jelena Karleusa

How did Jelena Karleusa get famous?

Jelena Karleusa is famous for the profession of Pop Singer.

How tall is Jelena Karleusa?

Jelena Karleusa is 177 cm, eventhough Google mention that he’s 175 cm.